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Sergey has a diverse background, as editor-in-chief, TV journalist, government official, and general manager, to name a few, of both government departments and private companies.

Between 2006 and 2013, Sergey’s experience in commercial real estate expanded to include construction and project management, managing over 1.5 million square feet of development.

When not inspiring his team, Sergey enjoys relaxing with his wife and three children, riding his old-school Honda, scuba-diving, reading, and watching movies.


3D expert_ Ala

One of our young and talented colleagues, Ala is a professional Matterport Service Provider from Eastern Europe, specializing in 3D and VR landscape, rental, and real estate presentations.

Creative and meticulous, Ala’s captivating skill puts vacation rentals, construction projects, landscape developments, renovation plans, retail areas, or restaurant spaces in a light and format sure to encourage prospective buyers to take a closer look.

In her free time, Ala enjoys drones and photography, something that shows in her professional work.


Landscape Expert_Modesto


Modesto has been in landscaping since at least 1998, but you won’t find him talking about being a landscape master.

Instead, Modesto demonstrates his craft by converting whatever space you give him into your own personal oasis.

Living between two continents isn’t easy, but Modesto makes time for his passions, whether it’s camping and fishing, encouraging the Seahawks, or Sunday church with his extended family.

Cleaning Expert_Galina

Galina may be called “beautiful,” but what’s even better is that she makes everything she touches more beautiful.

Since 2003, she’s been in the cleaning industry, cleaning thousands of homes and businesses and millions of square feet.

Happy clients are what Galina’s all about, and a clean and shine are sure to put a smile on any client’s face.

A wife and mother of two, Galina regularly attends church with her family and, in her free time, she relaxes by cleaning and cooking.


Painting Expert_Jose


Jose has been a fan of painting for a long time, painting thousands of residential and commercial buildings since at least 2007.

Still single, but always on the lookout for “the one,” Jose can usually be found at the gym or riding a classic motorcycle.

Until next time, “Hasta la vista!”


Roof & Windows Expert_Oleg


Oleg is a young husband, father, youth pastor, and businessman, and he treats all his customers with love and respect, like family.

Since 2011, Oleg has been professionally washing residential and commercial windows and roofs which, as a serious man of faith, he attends responsibly and reliably.

Oleg even turned a childhood joy into a business, renting inflatable slides and bouncy houses for family, school, and community functions.

In his free time, Oleg likes to spend quality time with his wonderful family.


HVAC Expert_Vladimir

Vladimir, with advanced degrees in Energy Engineering, is a professional in HVAC systems, working together with his expert HVAC crew since last year.

Before going into business for himself, Vladimir managed a big energy company. Today, he works personally with his clients, talking it out face to face to resolve individual problems.

In his spare time, Vladimir can be found with his friends and family, hiking, or skiing.