After Construction Criteria Form

Proposal is validated, if

  • your house is ready for work, there is access to all work areas
  • there is nothing to remove or move, like furniture, ram board, construction materials, painting cans, appliances, etc.
  • cleaning in your house can’t be categorized as “disaster cleanup”
  • there is no extra damages or specific materials on surfaces, as paint, concrete, glue, etc., which can require an extra time for cleanup


In most cases, the price on the HIP flyer is the price you’ll pay – there are no hidden “fees” or other surprises. If you don’t know or not sure, request a free consultation. If your project doesn’t fit our basic HIP flyer criteria or you would like to customize our service to satisfy your needs, please, we’ll be happy to help you, you’ll simply end up paying slightly more than the basic price listed on the HIP flyer. Before you spend a dime or we lift a finger, you’ll know exactly what you’ll pay and the scope of the work to be done. Please contact us via email or telephone, and talk to a real person, any day of the week.


Let’s move on to the second step, where we’ll make an appointment to finalize your estimate and sign the contract or, as a best case scenario, we can start the job immediately!


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