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You have taken the 1st step on a great collaboration with HIP Group! We’re proud to have you on board, but let’s discuss the details first…

We understand how important it is to give your house a unique new look. Let us offer you an effective solution – you can focus on more important things or just relax while we do all hard work for you.

And It’s NO matter How small or big your house!

And if it is ready for Exterior Painting Service and fits our criteria, we’ll take care of it



1000 SF


1500 SF


2000 SF


2500 SF


3000 SF


3500 SF


4000 SF



$2,700 $3,950 $5,150 $6,450 $7,400 $8,600 $9,800 Call us


The proposal includes:

Scope of works:

  • Siding
  • Trim

Labor & Materials, including basic preparation and pressure washing


Warranty Period – 3 years


Your Choice for 2+1 colors of Siding and Trim Colors and Accent Color

(including 1 color – for siding,

1 color – for trim,

+ 1 color as a possible option).


That’s great! Let’s move on to the second step, where we’ll make an appointment

to fine-tune your estimate and sign the contract…


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