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You have taken the 1st step on a great collaboration with HIP Group! We’re proud to have you on board, but let’s discuss the details first…


Are you ready to change the look of your bedroom, living room, or the whole floor in your house?

If you would like to change a floor in your house, condo, apartments, etc., and it fits our criteria, we can offer you a really great options!

All of our options include Material & Labor (removal and disposal of existing floor, high quality materials (depends of your choice, we can provide and install any of LVP floors), installation).


We install it up for

Up 350 SF 350-1,000 SF 1,000 – 2,000 SF above

2,000 SF

$7 per 1 SF $6 per 1 SF $5.75 per 1 SF Call us

The price per 1 SF includes:

Scope of works:


  • Demolition (removal and disposal of existing floor (for floating type ONLY)
  • Professional Floor Installation, not including stairs.


  • New Materials, Brand Shaw

Opportunity to choose from over dozens colors of

Warranty Coverage

  • All Materials Covered 100% for 10 years
  • All Workmanship Covered 100% for 1 year


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