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Our Specials!

HIP GROUP is your universal solution
to home improvement frustrations.


We offer our customers a simple deal – buying a Home Improvement Packages or HIP flyers, combining Labor and Materials in an easy-to-understand solution, you get turnkey solution. Instead of “negotiating” at the mercy of contractors or wondering if there’s any “fine print,” you get an up-front explanation of what’s involved in the service and how much you’ll pay. Every HIP flyer has a criteria section, stating how much a given project will cost, usually based on materials, layout, and square footage. This makes it easy to compare painting exterior walls or interior rooms, or cleaning roofs, decks, and driveways.

From cleaning and restoration to remodeling and repainting, we’re your one-stop for easy-to-understand home improvement packages.
When you purchase a home improvement package, you’re well on your way to a frustration-free home improvement experience.
We think that’s the way it should be and, once you choose your HIP flyer, we’ll take care of the rest!


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